8 Reasons Why You Didnít Make the Team
By: Cindy Bristow

Itís nerve-raking trying out for a softball team, so it can be really hard to take when you donít make it. But believe it or not, there are lots of different reasons why players donít make teams, so before you feel too bad, check out the list.

Youíd be amazed to learn why some players donít make a softball team. If this has happened to you, or one of your friends, then be sure you know the 8 reasons why players didnít make the team.

Itís never easy being told youíre not good enough. No matter why that happens, or how young or old you are when it does; itís never easy to take. If itís happened to you and youíre like most people then we look inside ourselves as if somethingís wrong with us. Almost as if weíre broken. But when it comes to not making a softball team, there can be lots of different reasons why you didnít make the team Ė and you being broken usually isnít one of them. Before we check out the reasons, I think itís important to mention that while itís hard not making a team, itís not cool at all to criticize the coach for cutting you, or other players for making the team. No one tried to hurt you on purpose so do your best not to bad-mouth others and donít let your friends or family members bad-mouth anyone either. You show the world a lot about you in times of trouble, so show everyone how to behave by congratulating those that made the team and working hard to make next yearís team!

Now letís check out the 8 Reasons Why You Didnít Make the Team:

  1. Someone Else Was Better Ė Letís face it, sometimes this happens. It doesnít mean you werenít good. It doesnít mean you didnít try hard and do your best. It simply means there was somebody better than you. And while it hurts that you didnít make it, and youíre really disappointed, if you want to make it next time, then study that person that was better and start practicing to become that person for next time!
  2. You Werenít Your Best That Day Ė This happens, particularly on 1 Day tryouts. It doesnít mean you arenít good, but it probably means that you werenít your best on that day. Instead of being mad at the coach, put more practice in so that next time you can trust your preparation and relax so that you WILL be your best when tryout day rolls around!
  3. They Already Had Lots of Good Players at Your Position Ė This is a reason that isnít usually easy for players to see, but itís something that coaches take into account. Coaches need lots of different kinds of players to make up a team, and it isnít always made up of just the best players. If youíre a shortstop and your team already has 6 shortstops then youíre going to have a tough time making that team. You probably just got stuck in a position situation, that didnít go in your favor.
  4. Other Players Played a Couple Different Positions the Team Really Needed, That You Didnít Play Ė This one goes along with #3 in that coaches are looking to put a team together made up of lots of different positions. If you only play one position it means youíve got to be better at that position to have a chance of making the team. Maybe you werenít a bad player, but the other positions that you played were positions that the team already had covered. Maybe a few players that did make the team over you simply made it because they played other positions that the team needed. This can also be why a weaker player might have made the team Ė because she was probably trying out for a position that needed players and you werenít.
  5. You Didnít Bring Anything to the Team They Didnít Already Have Ė Coaches are always looking to improve their teams and the biggest way they do that is through tryouts (or recruiting if youíre in college). So any player that shows up and adds value to a team is a player the coach wants to seriously consider keeping. Value can come in the form of skill, or attitude, or speed, or power or helpfulness, or even potential. Whatís valuable to one coach may not be valuable to another so just remember that you may have been good, just not what this coach was looking for.
  6. Youíre Too Young Ė If a coach is only allowed to keep a certain number of players and it comes down to 2 players for the final 1 spot, the coach will usually keep the older more veteran player. You canít do anything about your age, but you can do something about your skill so if you didnít make a team because you were too young, then go out and start practicing right now to get better so that next year the coach has to keep you!
  7. You Arenít Good Enough Ė I know this doesnít sound very nice, but sometimes you just werenít good enough. Itís hard to take since nobody wants to be told they arenít good enough. But, it doesnít mean youíre not a good person, and it doesnít mean you canít be good enough next year Ė but youíll have to work really hard to improve! Itís hard for you, or your parents to objectively see that you may not have been good enough since youíre too close to the situation. But, a coach isnít as emotionally attached as you are. Coaches arenít trying to be mean when they cut kids, theyíre simply trying to pick the best ďteamĒ from their point of view.
  8. Your Attitude was Bad Ė While this is a reason that players arenít picked, I hope it wasnít your reason. Very few players have such a bad attitude that they would still try out for a team, but, once in a while it happens, and when it does, that playerís not making that team. Nobody wants to be around anyone with a bad attitude and coaches donít want those kind of players on their teams.