As a member of the Plum High School softball program, your behavior and performance as an individual reflects on the program as a whole.

Therefore, you must behave properly and perform to the best of your abilities at all times.  This includes both in and out of school, both in and out of classes, and during softball practices, meetings, games, and bus trips.

The following is a list of expectations on you and the consequences for not meeting these expectations:

  1. In-season practices are absolutely mandatory.  If you were not in school, and do not have a previously approved excuse, you must be at the appropriate practice location, ready to play, when practice is scheduled to begin.  The first unexcused absence will result in a one-game suspension.  The second will result in dismissal from the team.
  2. If you know you are going to have a conflict between softball and another PHS activity, you need to submit a list of the dates you will be unable to attend softball to Coach McGrath by the beginning of regular season practices.
  3. As previously stated, you must be ready to practice when practice is scheduled to begin.  If you are late to practice, you will run ten sprints after practice.  A persistent problem will be dealt with accordingly.
  4. It is integral to the success of this program that all of its members perform well academically.  You are strongly encouraged to get extra help from your teachers before your grades become an issue.  If you become academically ineligible you will not attend any games until you are eligible.
  5. Do not use foul language in the presence of a coach, ever.  This means in school, during practices, games, or bus rides.  This is inappropriate and poorly represents our team and school.
  6. You need to respect all other members of the Plum High School softball program.  Any show of disrespect towards a coach or teammate will be addressed immediately, and if a solution cannot be found that person will be dismissed from the team.
  7. You cannot participate in any softball activity during an in-school or out-of-school suspension.  The coaches will determine if any additional discipline action needs to be take.
  8. You must abstain from the possession of or use of cigarettes, alcohol, or any other non-prescribed drugs.  If you are caught with any of these you will be dismissed from the team.
  9. No player is guaranteed a position on this team.  Each player will earn her position.  In addition, no player is guaranteed a starting position.  The coaches will decide who plays when…period.
  10. All required forms must be returned by the first regular season practice.  You cannot begin practice if these forms are not completed and turned in.
  11. Since our goal is to simulate game situations during practices, no jewelry will be worn at practice.  Cell phones should also not be seen or heard during practices.  The PHS dress code also continues to apply during all softball practices.
  12. Have fun without clowning around or wasting time.  Our success as a team will be a result of hard work during practice and a proper mental outlook.  If we are successful and win, the game of softball will be more fun.
  13. WHEN A COACH IS TALKING YOU MUST GIVE HIM/HER YOUR COMPLETE UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.  Never talk during a team meeting unless you are called upon to do so.  Report to practice to LEARN.
  14. You must express a positive attitude during all softball activities.  Complaining, criticizing, whining, or jealousy have absolutely no place in this program, and will not be tolerated.  If you are considered a liability to the team because of your mental outlook, YOU WILL NOT PLAY.
  15. On game days, it is very important to remain completely focused on the team goal of winning and your individual goal of helping the team win from the moment you arrive at the field (or get on the bus to go to the field) until the game is over.  Having conversations with people who are not on this team, having conversations with teammates about things unrelated to softball, or doing homework are all activities that should NEVER be done during a softball game.  If you cannot stay focus during a game, and therefore become a liability to the team, YOU WILL NOT PLAY.
  16. During practices, games & scrimmages, only Plum Mustang Softball players and coaching staff are permitted in the dugout.
  17. Players are to remain in the dugout until the conclusion of the game, unless it is approved by one of the coaching staff.