Parents of members of the Plum High School softball program are asked to always remember to:

  1. Remain positive during practices and games, and while discussing the teamís, or individual playerís, performances with their daughter or other parents.
  2. Allow coaches time to instruct during practice.  Please, do not interrupt practices.
  3. Arrive promptly to pick up their daughter after practices and games.
  4. Do not interfere with the teamís performance during a game.  Please, do not talk with your daughter during games.
  5. Follow the problem-solving plan.
  6. Encourage their daughter to discuss any issues with their coaches before parents get involved.
  7. Parents will not discuss with the coaching staff issues regarding playing time, or other players on the team.
  8. Parents are encouraged to respect the opposing team players, opposing team coaches, our coaching staff, our players, and the officials.
You as parents need to encourage your daughter to work hard to achieve success.   It won't be long before they are on their own, and will need to accept responsibility for their actions or non-actions.

You need to tell your daughters that simply being one of the upper classmen entitles them to be starters.  They need to earn their positions, at every practice and at every game.  We, as coaches, do our best to put the best players, that are available to us, on the field.

We do our best during tryouts to look at each player objectively, and to be as fair as we can be in selecting players for each of the teams.   We highly recommend that they attend as many non-mandatory preseason workout sessions that they can, so that when they come to tryouts, they know exactly what is expected of them, and they are able to perform the drills.