The following is a list of softball and school personnel that may be addressed if a problem occurs within the Plum High School softball program.  When a problem occurs, the student-athlete or parent/guardian must address the issue with the appropriate person before proceeding to the next staff member.  For instance, the teamís head coach should be addressed before the athletic director.  Failure on the part of the student-athlete to adhere to this plan may jeopardize her future with the team.

List of Personnel:

  1. Respective Head Coach
    1. Varsity Head Coach: Jim McGrath
    2. JV Head Coach: John Forsythe
    3. Junior High Coach: Danielle Land
  2. Varsity Head Coach: Jim McGrath
  3. Athletic Department: Bob Alpino
  4. High School Building Principal: Justin Stephens
  5. Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Brendan Hyland
  6. School Board