Philosophy of the Program

The Plum High School fastpitch softball program's primary purpose is to use the game to develop its players into well-rounded young ladies.  This will be done through emphasizing hard work, discipline, dedication and teamwork.  Players will get into good physical shape and will be competitive.  And, by developing their time management and discipline, should excel in the classroom as well.

The team goal of this program is to win while playing within the rules.  Each player's and coach's individual goal is to do whatever they can to help their team win.

The Plum High School fastpitch softball program will also be committed to helping introduce the game and the skills needed to play it to girls ages 9-14 in the Plum community.  Coaches in the program will also be dedicated to preparing its players to play fastpitch softball beyond high school, and will help players explore any opportunities available to them.