The Secret to Getting a Softball Scholarship
By: Cindy Bristow

Everybody’s out there trying to get a college softball scholarship so learn what every college coach knows and how to use this secret to your advantage.

What’s your plan? Whether it’s showcases, recruiting camps, or talent combines make sure you know the secret to getting a softball scholarship.

If you’re like most softball players out there then you’re dying to get a college softball scholarship. No doubt, you’re playing both school and travelball, playing fall, spring and summer softball as well as hoping your team goes to as many showcases as possible. And the reason for all this non-stop softball is for as many college coaches as possible to see you play.

All that sounds great! It seems like a great plan – your goal is to get a college scholarship so you practice and play softball as much as possible and then you hope or assume someone will see you play and give you an offer. If this sounds like you then you’re not alone. In fact, right now, as you’re reading this article, hundreds of thousands of young girls, just like you are reading and thinking the exact same thing.

So what can you do to make sure you’re the one that the college coaches want? What’s the secret? Fortunately, there is something you can do to almost guarantee that a college coach will want YOU to play on their college softball team. That “something” is to answer this one, simple question: “WHY YOU?” That’s it, that one little question can be the difference between you playing college softball and simply going to college, between knowing early where you’re going to go or sweating it out until the very last minute.

Being able to answer Why You? will make a huge difference in your future and here’s why. As a softball player you naturally are concerned about YOU. You spend your time worrying about your friends, your grades, your family, your team, your teammates, your softball, etc… Your thoughts all revolve around you. I don’t mean that in a selfish way, you’re a softball player and it’s only natural for players to think first about themselves. In fact, in order to be a good teammate, or sister or daughter or student you need to think about yourself, about your actions, about your behavior and about your comments. All these things will of course impact others and being a good person you certainly care about others, but you’ve got to first be responsible for your own behaviors and actions. So basically what I’m saying is – as a player it’s natural that your thoughts are about your future – specifically your softball and educational future.

Now, let’s look at this softball scholarship issue from the college coach’s point of view. As a coach, she/he is responsible for others. Their first thought is about their team, what their current team needs to improve on, and what players they need in the future to make their team better. So players are thinking about softball from one perspective while coaches think about it from quite another.

Now let’s go back to our important question – Why You? The reason this question is so important to your college softball future is because colleges usually have rosters of 17-19 players but on any one year, coaches only need about 5 to 8 new recruits. Only 5 to 8 players, and they can get them from ANYWHERE in the world! 5 to 8 players from anywhere in the world! So the question they are always asking themselves, whenever they go out recruiting is – Why Her? Why You? So the more answers you can come up with the more likely a coach has no choice but to pick YOU.

Let’s look at some things that are very important to college coaches when deciding which select few players are special enough to become a part of their team. Let’s look at Why You:

Are You a Good Enough Student?

Are You a Good Enough Teammate?

Are You a Good Enough Daughter?

Are You a Good Enough Player?