What we as a team should always do....

Batting in the cage......

  1. Pretend you are taking signs from the coach.  Front foot out of the box, the back foot in the box.
  2. Rest the bat on your sholders
  3. Line up knuckles to the proper position
  4. Take a deep breath
  5. Relax the body and mind
  6. Relax the elbows
  7. Step into the box
  8. Set your stance
  9. Hands up and back in the set position
During Throwing Routines....
  1. Sychronize the throwing so that the ball is caught by your partner at the same time as the other groups
  2. Make good throws
  3. Catch the ball, dropped balls translate into errors, which then translates into a team loss.
  4. Focus on transitioning the ball from glove to hand to prepare for the next throw.
  5. Proper feet positioning to catch the ball, and then throw it to your partner
  6. Point your sholder to your partner before the throw
  7. Focus on proper throwing mechanics
During Running Drills.....
  1. Push yourself to get better and faster
  2. When doing sprints, run your fastest
  3. Pump your arms to help you run faster, and compact to your body.
General Things to do during practices....
  1. Don't sit around, unless you're practicing to be a bench player, there are things you can do (exercises) while you are waiting to go on to the next station
  2. Have fun, but don't screw around.
  3. Listen to what the coaches are teaching you
  4. Encourage your other teammates to do their best, and help your partner to get better.
What you can do away from practice.....
  1. Do core exercises (ABS, sit ups, etc)
  2. Do Isotonics for upper body strength.  (Tighten up your muscles and slowing move your arms and sholders)
  3. Do Isotonic wrist curls
  4. Do calf lifts
  5. Do leg exercises
  6. Do push ups
  7. Lift light weights
  8. Stay in Shape!!!
  9. Go for a walk
  10. Eat the proper foods.