6 Ways to Succeed at Tryouts
By: Cindy Bristow

As a player, tryouts can be a stressful situation, but not if you know what to expect. Put yourself in position to make your team by knowing 6 Ways to Succeed at Tryouts.

Whether this is your first tryout or youíre a veteran player, tryouts represent a lot of pressure and stress. Help improve your chances by knowing 6 ways to be prepared and ready to have a successful tryout.

Itís normal to be nervous for things like tryouts and showcases. But nerves donít have to hurt you if you can turn those feelings of anxiety into action. As many of you in the warmer states get ready for softball tryouts the following 6 tips are meant to help you feel prepared, less nervous and ultimately make the team!

So before your tryouts start get yourself into shape, make sure youíve put in your softball work and follow these 6 steps to help relax your nerves and build up your confidence: